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Skate and Create 2012

Skate and create 2012 is an event that is now in its 4th year and has become hugely popular. The event now draws some of the top professional skaters from all over the world and is watched by millions online and on global sporting channels. It’s also a big day for Skate fashion.


The event is kicked off by the organisers hand picking four teams of skaters and builders. Each team will have two builders and 4 skaters. Each skate and create team will then be given a lorry full of materials and tools. A film crew is also assigned to each team as well as a professional creative graphics designers to smooth out the images and clips and create the final videos.


The aim of skate and create is for the teams to build outrageous designs for skate parks in ludicrous locations and then film them selves performing gnarly tricks and tearing up the city streets. The videos must be 3 – 5 minutes long and will ultimately be judged by a team of skating experts and directors from the sponsors companies.  The create and skate teams will be scored on their creativity, level of skating, use of obstacles’ and locations as well as overall storyline and image quality. The winners will get a spot on the front of a well known skating magazine and a chance to defend the crown next years.


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