2012 Skate and Create Winner: Skate Wars by Creature

Remember our story on Skate and Create? Transworld 4th annual Skate and Create contest has concluded and Creature’s edgy, rough and hoochie entry called Skate Wars bagged the coveted the award. Skate Wars rises above from the other 3 entries with its vintage style, skaters zooming from hot rods, loose pinup looking girls and of course, tons of skating madness. Fans and members of the Transworld magazine werfunctions.phpe all amazed by the entries and of course with the winning production by Creature.

The 2012 Skate and Create has handpicked 4 skating production teams namely Creature, Blue Print, Dwindle Distribution and Habitat and were given 10 days to create a winning video using the streets, building tucks with Makita power tools and materials  and 2 professional builders. Each team are allowed to use photographers and film crew to shoot a 3 Р5 minutes Skate and Create video to be judged by Transworld staff and be featured in the magazine based on creativity and obstacles used in the production.

Creature’s Skate Wars was very direct with its message by showing the fast life and fun of skating and of course the loose women, road blocks and the big thirst of having a good life though skating. The other 3 entries were also visually artistic and more on story telling like the Life Glitch by Blueprint which chronicles the lives of 7 skaters coming from different cities and moving to Los Angeles. Other entries were Smooth Moves by Dwindle Production which was more on humor about a moving company and its thrasher employees and Habitat’s entry called Bourne again which was about living the dream of an Skateboarder.

All entries were creative and amazing and there are lots of moments where your jaw will dropped with the stunts and moves and the architecture of the production teams were also astounding. Creature’s Skate Wars production was a mixture of girls, fun, architectures, crazy skating and fast life which is evident in the skating world.

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