Adam Colton Sets off to Skate a continent

Adam Colton is a world wide renouned name in the world of skate and long boarding. We are more accustomed to seeing Adam performing crazy dance tricks either on a custom skateboard or his preffered long board. However, on Monday night, Adam set off from America to skate the entire length of a whole continent; South America to be exact.

Adam has previously concurred Europe and North America and now has his eyes firmly set on skating the length of his third continent. The last adventure that Adam embarked on was a mission across the length of New Zeland which he managed to do in just over two weeks. The South American journey is set to take Adam over 2 months to complete.

The journey will see the skater waltz through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. The only items that Adam is allowing himself to take with him are those items that he can carry alone in his back pack. Adam has an extremely defined method for selecting the equipment that he needs to take. He will be spending some nights sleeping alone under the stars and others in traditional South American Hotels. We all wish Adam the best of luck and look forward to catching up with him once he has completed his trek.

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